About Me

Hi! I’m Eliza! I’m a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful little boys and one ridiculous golden doodle. I spend my days trying to keep up--with the little ones, with the housekeeping, with my crazy to-do list--and striving to give glory to God in all that I do.

I love all types of arts and crafts, and you’ll find me experimenting with jewelry, photography, painting… pretty much anything I can get my hands on. But my always-and-forever go-to is knitting.

I’m a third generation yarn crafter, taught by my mom and grandmother. I’ve been knitting since age five, and even when I’ve taken breaks from knitting, I never stay away long. (Just ask my husband about my withdrawal symptoms when I have nothing on my needles. It isn’t pretty.)

I love to teach knitting. My goal is to help knitters find their best next project and help them learn whatever new skills they need to complete it.

“Squigglidinks” was the name my husband teasingly gave the yarn shop/bookstore I once dreamed of owning. While the shop is not likely to happen, the name stuck. So let’s imagine ourselves in a quiet, happy place, surrounded by luxurious yarn, good books, good people, and the snacks and hot drink of your choice (hot chocolate with chocolate chip scones, anyone?) and let’s do some yarn crafting together.


  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you on your new blog! Can't wait to see all the cool stuff that you'll be sharing with all of us!

  2. Hi Eliza! I know nothing about knitting so maybe I can learn something! Congrats on your blog! This is great!! :)

  3. Eliza..thank you for the cute baby sock pattern. You mentioned in your notes that IF you could find some add'l yarn like you used..you'd like to purchase some. I have a BUNCH of this type of yarn...maybe we could work something out. I am "TXgal" on Rav.